MARS has revealed its plans for Easter 2009.

● 'Malt Easter' moulded milk chocolate bunnies with crunchy and creamy Maltesers centres will be bouncing onto the scene.

● These products will be aimed at Maltesers' key consumers - women - and priced at 59p per bunny.

● Maltesers and friends 100g mini eggs packs have a rrp of £1.09 and will be replacing last year's Mars and friends 180g mini eggs packs.

● The Galaxy All Block Collection Egg will also be making its debut with a rrp of £9.99.

● Packaging reduction will also be a key focus for Mars with the firm switching all its large and luxury eggs (except for the Galaxy product mentioned above) to 100% recycled board.

● Small and medium egg ranges will have their packaging reduced by a total of 200 tons of cardboard and 69 tons of thermoform per year.

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