Maltesers is back on TV with a Celebrating Similarities campaign, which seeks to challenge the stereotyping and misrepresentation of women, whilst always looking on the lighter side of life.

The two new adverts entitled Accountant and Powerpoint hero funny, real-life stories from everyday women of varying ages and sexualities. As with its last campaign, the brand uses a lightness of touch to tackle previously ‘unmentionable’ topics.

Broadcasting across TV and digital channels, the stories are based on conversations, with a diverse range of women talking about their experiences of dating and ageing. Maltesers partnered with charity Age UK who consulted throughout the the creation of the ads to ensure all communications are accurately and lightheartedly delivered. UK charity Stonewall also helped source some of the focus groups who contributed ideas to inspire the creative.

Michele Oliver, marketing VP at Mars Chocolate UK, said: “The adverts recreate real-life situations faced by women from different groups in society who you don’t often see or hear from. We’re telling their stories to help combat perceived stereotypes and celebrate our similarities, whilst at the same time hopefully making people smile!

“These adverts explore the topics in a fun, engaging and humorous way. We have seen this approach really resonate with consumers – as shown by the commercial and critical success of our ‘Superhumans Wanted’ campaign, which put disability in the spotlight and boosted sales across the UK.”

To support the campaign, Maltesers has also launched a partnership with Channel 4 and its BAFTA award-winning, observational documentary dating series First Dates. The series of ads - played exclusively on Channel 4 - combine the light-hearted attitude of Maltesers with a programme that explores the universal experience of a first date: showing a range of diverse couples relaying their first date stories in a funny, relatable and real way.