Shloer has redesigned its entire drinks range with a new logo and graphics, ready for the summer sales peak.

Shloer New Look Core Range

Rolling out across the convenience channel now, the redesign will apply to Shloer original (rrp £2.20 / 750ml bottle), Shloer bubbly (rrp £3.50 / 750ml bottle), Shloer spritzed (rrp £2.49 / 700ml bottle) and Shloer pressed (rrp £1 / 330ml can).

Owned by SHS Drinks, the Shloer range is also being backed by a £1.4m marketing package this year, including a consumer PR campaign for Shloer spritzed.

Targeting women aged between 28 and 48, the Shloer brand will be promoted through a programme of competitions and editorial coverage as well as an exclusive partnership with Backyard Cinema’s ‘Summer Nights’ events for six weeks from mid-July.

Nick White, head of soft drinks at SHS Drinks, said: “Shloer is friendly and informal with a sense of fun; our re-brand brings this personality to life on pack and will greatly increase engagement and shelf stand-out. Our products are still the same great quality that consumers know and trust, but our look is now very much Shloer ‘reimagined’.

“Shloer is all about sharing – be that sharing a drink or sharing the good times. The combination of our new design and our new products will make Shloer more relevant to more consumers on more occasions.”