Re:Nourish is hoping to shake up the prepared soup category with its four-strong range of heatable, grab and go soups.

Nourish Soup Bottles

Marketed as a world-first, the products come in a format that can be heated and drunk straight from the bottle. They also feature a plant-based ingredients list and are gluten-, sugar- and dairy-free with added passion flower, maca, turmeric and ginger.

The four soups in the range include: Digest – roasted carrot and ginger; Immunity – kale, spinach and turmeric; Power & Love – spicy lentil, red pepper and maca; and Calm – tomato, basil and passion flower.

Re:Nourish founder and ceo Nicci Clark said: “We see soups as the new juices in delivering a flavour-filled experience that is both delicious and healthy. Until now, soups haven’t been the most convenient food as they have to be heated and then decanted; our revolutionary patented packaging changes the status quo as soups can now be heated and either enjoyed straight away, or resealed and transported to eat on the go.”

Re:Nourish’s 500ml soup bottles have an rrp of £2.80 each and are available to independents now.