Red Bull, the UK’s leading functional energy drink brand (IRI w/e 19.11.16), is launching a ‘when it’s gone it’s gone’ summer edition.

The new kiwi-apple flavour is an extension of the Editions range, and is the first ‘when its gone its gone’ launch from the brand, which will be producing two million cans. Red Bull Editions have delivered £52.8m (IRI 20.05.17) in sales in the past four years, since the introduction of the range in 2013.

Red Bull summer edition is being introduced to the UK following strong performance in other markets across the globe, and the limited availability aspect aims to entice shoppers into the category.

Taste and choice can be barriers for consumers who are in need of energy, but with the new flavoured Edition, Red Bull is aiming to overcome these hurdles. As well as winning new consumers, the Red Bull summer edition is expected to see an increase in consumption and share from existing Red Bull users who require additional energy.

Gavin Lissimore, Red Bull head of category marketing. said: “The summer edition kiwi-apple flavour is our first when it’s gone it’s gone launch. Following the strong success of the Red Bull Editions in the past four years, the new variant aims to add excitement to the category and attract both new and existing consumers to purchase - but when its gone, its gone. The vibrant green design will make the can stand out on shelf, and help to deliver increased sales for the brand, the category and our customers. Soft drinks are a must stock for retailers in the summer and the summer edition will add a new flavour to the shelf, while demand is high without impacting on retailers’ soft drinks ranges long term.“

Available in both 250ml plain and £1.19 Price Marked Can, Red Bull summer edition will sit alongside the existing Editions in the chiller for a limited time, helping to increase visibility and drive sales. Display units and can wraps will be used as in-store activation tools to aid in promoting the temporary flavour.