Frozen food company Field Fare has extended its range of premium ready meals with the launch of four new products.

The range now includes a ready-to-roast Pork Belly, Spicy Bean Chilli, Cheese and Bacon Kiev and Pizza and Focaccia Dough.

The Field Fare frozen offer now includes more than 60 loose products, meals and desserts, alongside a scoop-and-serve range of more than 80 frozen fruits, vegetables, fish and bakery lines.

The company’s new Pizza and Focaccia Dough contains Spanish virgin olive oil with a mix of British flour and yeast (rrp 75p per 170g pack, por 40%).

The new Spicy Bean Chilli meal contains kidney beans, chick peas and cannellini beans, with tomato sauce, jalapenos, cumin and smoked paprika (rrp 2.75 per 350g pack, por 33%).

A Pork Belly meal has also been added to the Field Fare range, designed to serve between one and two people (rrp £4.99 per 220g pack, por 30%).

The company has also added a Cheese and Bacon Kiev to its ready meals line-up. The product contains chicken filled with garlic, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese (rrp £1.25 per 140g packl, por 40%).

Field Fare’s frozen food range is available exclusively to independent retailers and the new lines are available now.