The Fine Food Angel (TFFA) is a new website that helps independent retailers discover and order direct from artisan food producers across the UK without the workload associated with having lots of suppliers.

Orders come direct from the food producer and TFFA only charges the suppliers a margin which it argues is the lowest on the market.

The system offers a catalogue of more than 1000 artisan products and trade pricing that it claims is often better than that received via wholesalers or any other system.

TFFA was launched in March 2017 by founder David Mack whose wife runs an artisan food business called Purple Patch Cereals.

Mack said: “We wanted to sell direct to independent retailers, rather than via a wholesaler, so that we could set attractive trade pricing but recognised that conventional direct supply created a significant admin and accounting/invoicing workload at the retailer side. We set up TFFA to remove that burden so that retailers could take full advantage of direct-supply in a way that was quick, easy and efficient.

“We also wanted to enjoy direct relationships with retailers that are lost when going via a wholesaler.

“We want to help independent retailers discover new artisan food producers, who are often hard to find, and then be able to purchase from them quickly and easily and without creating additional workload or needing to set up accounts and do all the necessary background checks.”

Chris Shelley, co-owner of Budgens in Horsham, said: “The Fine Food Angel makes dealing with small suppliers quicker, simpler, and cheaper than going through a wholesaler. It’s also introduced me to some great new suppliers”

TFFA offers one account and one invoice covering multiple artisan producers means less accounting and invoicing and administration workload and easy and consistent tracking of inbound goods. 

The service also means retailers should receive products with the best shelf life as they have been supplied direct from the producer  and they can have a more direct relationship with the producers.

To find out more visit or email David Mack: