Quaker Oats is launching a new range of porridge sachets with enhanced nutritional qualities.

Developed to meet increasing consumer demand for positive nutrition with simple, wholesome ingredients, the new Super Goodness range delivers all the benefits of Quaker Oats, with added nutritional benefits.

Available from today (July 25), there will be five varieties; three ‘Super Goodness Super Grains’ flavours, containing wholegrain oats, red quinoa, flaxseed and barley and two ‘Super Goodness Super Fruits’ flavours with wholegrain oats, real pieces of fruit and added nutrients.

Super Goodness Super Grains: Original (10 x 30.7g RRP 2.99), Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin (8 x 38.1g RRP 2.99), Raspberry & Cranberry (10 x 38.5g RRP 2.99).

Super Goodness Super Fruits: Blueberry, Cranberry & Guava (10 x 35g RRP 2.99) and Raspberry, Apple & Acai (10 x 35.6g RR 2.99).

The Super Grains range laims to contain protein, fibre, and omega 3 for a Body Boost while the Super Fruits range contains Vitamin B6, C, D and Mineral Zinc to support the immune system. And both ranges contain 100% wholegrain oats with beta-glucan which the brand says helps to lower blood cholesterol levels.

With a premium packaging design, the new range is designed to attract new consumers and drive sales for retailers whilst helping to ignite growth within the cereals category. The launch will be supported with a new TV campaign and in store marketing from September.

Grains UK Duncan McKay, senior marketing manager said: “Taste, health and convenience continue to be important drivers at breakfast time, but consumers are also increasingly seeking a wholesome breakfast which is made with nutritious ingredients. Hot cereals continue to meet this demand and Quaker Oats has been instrumental in driving growth in the cereals category by 65%, with sales doubling over the last seven years (Nielsen Scantrack; Data to WE 16.01.16).

“Whilst Quaker continues to deliver strong results, we believe there is further opportunity to grow the cereals category by tapping into the demand for products which offer additional health benefits and our new Super Goodness sub-brand is set to do exactly that.”

The brand says with ‘Overnight Oats’ fast becoming the new summertime breakfast staple - leaving uncooked oats, milk or yoghurt, fruit and other toppings a container in the fridge overnight - Quaker Oats has teamed up with best-selling author and Instagram sensation, Deliciously Ella, to develop three new recipes including Berry and Coconut, Hazelnut Cacao and Spiced Banana with how-to video content, to show consumers just how simple these tasty breakfasts are to make.

Duncan adds: “Overnight Oats offer the perfect solution for the summer months and mean that demand for oats is set to explode during the summer! Not only are they quick and simple to prepare, they are also tasty and nutritious. Deliciously Ella is known for her healthy-eating recipes and with a large social media following, she is the perfect partner for Quaker Oats and we are sure that her inspirational recipes will be a tremendous hit with shoppers.”

 Products that are ‘quick’ and ‘easy to prepare’ are among the top motivations for breakfast choice (Kantar Worldpanel Usage 28 wk ending May 2014).