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Pukka has extended its savoury pastry range with two new flavours including an ‘All Day Breakfast’ slice and a new chicken pasty.

The launch follows the brand’s wide portfolio of slices, sausage rolls and pasties and aims to add to its on-the-go category.

Pukka said that the new breakfast slice will join the brand’s extensive line-up of slices including its popular steak slice and pepperoni pizza slice.

The breakfast pastry ingredients include baked beans, sausage, smoked bacon and mushrooms all wrapped up in a puff pastry case.

Alongside this, the new chicken pasty is made with roast chicken, potato, swede, onion and gravy.

Isaac Fisher managing director of Pukka said: “We’ve already taken the Slices market by storm, becoming the second-bestselling slices brand in retail, and we’re going to continue pushing the category forward, with innovation such as our All Day Breakfast Slice. Bringing together great taste and something new to Slices, this launch gives shoppers the opportunity to enjoy Pukka hot or cold at breakfast, lunch, dinner – and everything in between!

“By stocking up on this launch, retailers will be unlocking a never-before-seen opportunity to get shoppers heading to the Savoury Pastry aisle throughout the whole day to attract even more new shoppers to the fixture.

’’Traditionally, pasties are made with beef – and our very own Beef Pasty is no exception. But we want everyone to be able to enjoy the great taste of a Pukka Pasty, so launching a new version for those who prefer chicken was a natural next step. The best news? The recipe is already proving popular amongst Savoury Pastry traditionalists, with 81% of shoppers demonstrating interest in this new full-on flavour Pukka Chicken Pasty”

Pukka’s new all day breakfast slice is 170g at an RRP of £1.75 and the chicken pastry is 210g at an RRP of £1.75. Both products will be avialale to convenience retailers and wholesalers.