5000168000367_44991 Jacobs MEDITERRANEAN Rosemary 5pk FT_C1L1_JUN 2023

Pladis is looking to target shoppers aged 35 and over with the launch of two new Jacob’s crackers lines.

Jacob’s Cheddars Cheese & Pickle (RRP: £1.25) and Jacob’s Rosemary Mediterranean crackers (RRP: £1.99) will be available to retailers from October.

Marketing Director at Pladis UK&I Asli Akman explained the new launches. “With 28% of sales coming from new savoury biscuit shoppers, there is a clear opportunity to recruit new fans and we are confident that these two new additions to our range – one offering a tasty new take on a classic combination and another that taps into a popular flavour trend – are a great way to appeal to a new generation of shoppers.

“HFSS compliant, Jacob’s Mediterranean Rosemary is also individually wrapped, allowing for greater portion control and offering just 42kcals per cracker. This makes the product the perfect choice for shoppers looking for a great-tasting savoury biscuit which is ideal for piling high with their favourite toppings, or dunking into their favourite dips.”