Old Mout Cider is hosting a campaign to spearhead its larger sustainability agenda and further build Old Mout’s awareness and relevancy.

The ciders already have no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and all packaging is recyclable, but now it is also investing all of its marketing budget into a campaign to save its national icon, the kiwi bird.

The campaign aims to make people in the UK fall in love with the kiwi, New Zealand’s national icon, which is on the brink of extinction.

The kiwi’s best chance of survival now lies in the hands of New Zealand based charity ’Kiwis for kiwi’ who are creating predator free islands for the kiwi to grow and thrive. For the second year running, Old Mout has teamed up with TV conservationist, Michaela Strachan, to show the steps New Zealand is taking to save its national icon.

Old Mout will enjoy its first ever cinema campaign supported with significant below the line activity. This includes the Kiwi Camp activation at two of the UK’s largest festivals, Isle of Wight and Bestival. In yet another edition of the ‘the little camp with the big impact’, Old Mout will provide festival goers with an immersive experience and a jam-packed line-up of entertainment and activities through which all involved can enjoy an Old Mout whilst doing good. There is also activation within the grocery and convenience channel, encouraging people to sign up to the mission.