Ferrero is bringing back its ‘Pancakes Love Nutella’ campaign and investing £1.9m in the brand to celebrate Pancake Day 2019.

The media and shopper activity is designed to drive sales right up until 5 March (Pancake Day), and includes a themed TV creative and the return of special-edition jars of Nutella. The packs feature updated text and imagery to recognise the occasion.

Levi Boorer, customer development director for Ferrero, said: “The nation really does love Nutella, our focused Pancake day campaign aims to help retailers tap into this lucrative occasion. With Nutella continuing to grow and now worth £69m as a powerbrand (Nielsen, Total Coverage, 22/12/18), Pancake Day represents a key opportunity to boost sales as, for many consumers, Nutella is synonymous with the occasion.

“Families love Nutella ans as the category leader Nutella continues to maintain its number one position for brand love amongst spreads (Ipsos Tracking). Pancake Day is one of the most fun events of the year to engage with your shoppers, so why not organise something in store like a pancake decorating competition or a pancake race? Just don’t forget the Nutella!”


Top retailer tips for Pancake Day

  • Preparation is key: stock up early and ensure you have the essentials, such as flour, eggs and milk, alongside a selection of toppings for different tastes.
  • Make sure Pancake Day (5 March) is firmly on your shoppers’ agendas by promoting the occasion on social media pages and with in-store displays.
  • Encourage staff to create a dialogue with shoppers by reminding them of the occasion.