European meat supplier HK Scan has launched a new premium dried meat range under Nordic snacks brand Flodins.

The UK meat snacks market, currently worth £111m, is growing at almost 10% a year, presenting a huge opportunity to manufacturers and retailers as consumers increasingly demand high protein, great tasting snack options as an alternative to traditional on-the-go snacks such as crisps, claims HK Scan.

Snacking itself is a huge market, with 98% of all UK households buying snacking products, with the average person eating two snacks a day – that’s around 29 billion snacking occasions a year, says the firm.

Made from premium quality dried, naturally smoked and seasoned chicken, pork and beef, the range includes four flavours, all in 40g single serve bags: pepper & beef snacks and smoky chicken snacks; crispy chicken chips and crispy pork chips.

Over 230g of meat is used to make every 100g of Flodins meat snacks, ensuring maximum protein.

Janek Kalbin, UK Managing Director, HKScan says: “There is growing demand globally for meat snacks, with significant growth in Europe. The UK is following the same trend, with growth in consumer demand for high protein meat snacks which can be eaten as an alternative to crisps and other traditional snack options. Flodins innovative new premium dried and cured meat snacks are designed to meet this need, at the same time as delivering maximum taste.

“Our research also shows that 84% of consumers agree meat snacks are ‘worth paying more for’ versus other savoury snacks. As a result, we expect to attract new consumers and shoppers and add value to the category. It’s an obvious win for both consumers and retailers.”

HK Scan will be supporting the Flodins UK launch with a marketing campaign, attending trade shows and engaging with consumers via sampling, competitions, social media and instore activities.

The firm claims to be the leading meat supplier in the Nordic region, a top 10 European supplier and brand leader in all of its home markets. Flodins comes with HK Scan’s assurance of quality and ethical standards, providing total traceability throughout the supply chain.