Free from chocolate brand Nomo is celebrating its fifth birthday with the launch of Mini Bars Mixed Sharing Box.

Each 140g box features 12 mini bars in a selection of the brand’s most popular flavours, including creamy choc, caramel, mint, and orange crunch. The brand believes that the new launch “fills a gap in the free from boxed chocolate and gifting category”.

The product is available from Bramble Foods, House of Sarunds, World of Sweets, Brand Factory, CJ Lang and Goodibox.

Nomo has also invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which allow for strict allergen control. The brand’s products are plant-based and made with Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa. They are vegan and free from dairy, egg, gluten and nuts.

Conceived by a team at Kinnerton Confectionery and spearheaded by Emma Perrett, Nomo was designed to offer an option that is safe for adults and children with allergies or intolerances and dietary restrictions that delivers on taste and consistently offers new formats and products in line with consumer demand which never compromise on taste.

The brand has seen exponential growth within five years and is now a leader in one of the fastest-growing categories in confectionery. Nomo’s growth substantially outpaces the category’s overall growth of 18.3% YoY with a rate of 32.4% YoY and an overall worth of £12.5m (Nielsen). Full source: Nielsen IQ Scantrack, Total Coverage, Total Any Claim Free From Chocolate, Total Chocolate Confectionery, Total NOMO Brand 52 Weeks To 24/02/24 vs. 52 Weeks YA

Perrett said: “We are thrilled to celebrate Nomo’s fifth birthday and our remarkable growth journey. From day one, our mission has been to create delicious chocolate that everyone can enjoy regardless of allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices. Our ongoing success reflects our dedication to quality and innovation, providing safe, great-tasting chocolates for everyone which we believe taste even better than mainstream counterparts, the most recent of which is our sharing mixed box - perfect for gifting, sharing, or keeping for yourself!”