Coffee brand Minor Figures is launching Europe’s first nitro cold brew coffee in a can.

Nitro cold brew coffee has, until now, been enjoyed only by the customers of on-trend coffee houses. This type of coffee is created using technology which releases nitrogen into the coffee as it pours, which floods the drink with tiny bubbles, creating a Guinness/draught-style cascade as it settles and resulting in a black cold brew that is full bodied, silky smooth and refreshing.

Stuart Forsyth, Minor Figures founder, explained: “Our mission is to make the very best grab-and-go coffee, so you don’t have to. Cold brew coffee on tap is the latest trend in coffee shops around the world. However, we wanted to pioneer a way to make it available to all – so we have put it in a can.

“Our nitro cold brew coffee uses brand new and innovative technology that we have developed and tested to ensure the coffee is a pure, full bodied, silky smooth and refreshing drink for everybody to enjoy.”

Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is available from Harris + Hoole, Whole Foods and Planet Organic, priced .£2.60 for a 200ml can.

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