Foodservice equipment provider Marren is introducing a new range of packaging, designed to withstand the heat of accelerated ovens.

Most disposable bowls and pans used by retailers for accelerated cooking can be heated up to a maximum temperature of 400°F (205°C) and are restricted by cooking time.

Marren’s new SIX500 packaging can withstand temperatures of 525°F (274°C) and for up to six minutes. The company claims the range allows retailers to cook food more efficiently and offer customers a wider range of oven-cooked options.

Malcom Skinner, operations director at Marren, said: “This is certainly a major step forward in the convenience food market and for many will be a game changer. It will enable businesses to add variety and quality to their menus as well as offering more healthy food options.

“I believe this to be an incredibly exciting new development because of what you can now cook and serve in an accelerated oven. The price and availability of this product only serves to increase its appeal.”

Marren claims the quality of ingredients is maintained when using the new SIX500 packaging, whether food is cooked from frozen, chilled or thawed.

The SIX500 range is available for c-stores to order in four different sizes – bowl, entrée, side and pan. For more information about pricing and formats contact Kelly Barrell on 07748 320544 or visit the Marren SIX500 website.