Celebrations Easter 2023

Mars Wrigley has added new SKUs to its Easter range for 2023.

New for 2023 are M&M’s Easter Shapes (rrp: £2.99), which are hollow chocolate shapes filled with mini M&M’s and individually wrapped in colourful foil. They come in mixed cases of two designs for maximum shelf efficiency and are stackable for building in-aisle displays.

Meanwhile, M&M’s Speckled Eggs (rrp: £1.19) will feature a new packaging design. Other returning favourites include the Maltesers Bunny, which come in single bars (rrp: 69p) and five-packs (rrp: £2.39), with the Maltesers Orange Bunny and White Mini Bunnies pouches (rrp: £1.29) returning for 2023. The Maltesers Easter Hunt Mix and Galaxy Easter Hunt Mix (both rrp: £6.99) packs return along with the new-look Celebrations Easter Mix (rrp: £4.99).

Its mini range is back in three variants - Galaxy Enchanted Eggs, Galaxy Caramel Mini Eggs and Galaxy Creamy Truffle Mini Eggs (all rrp: £1.19).

Mars Wrigley’s medium egg offering is Maltesers (rrp: £3.05) while the Galaxy Enchanted Egg and M&M’s Brownie Egg (both rrp: £5.29) are in Mars Wrigley’s large egg portfolio for 2023 while the Celebrations egg features the brand’s new packaging.

Mars Wrigley’s Maltesers Crunchy and Galaxy Enchanted Eggs (both £11.99) make up its giant egg SKUs. In its luxury range Mars Wrigley has launched the new Galaxy Caramel Truffles Luxury Egg while the Maltesers Truffles Luxury Egg is returning as a premium option (both rrp: £11.99).