Maryland Cookies ad

Fox’s Burton’s Companies has launched a multi-million-pound marketing campaign to highlight its new look packaging for Maryland.

On TV screens now, the TV advert is set to reach 62% of Maryland’s target audience. The TV advert is set in a family home where the iconic ‘crunchy crumbly texture’ of Maryland Cookies is celebrated alongside the abundance of chocolate chips, with the cookie being snapped in half.

The advert also displays the new, enhanced packaging, complete with the signature shiny red and yellow branding. Convenience stores will have online, and in-store activations planned with social media, window posters and till screens showcasing the Maryland cookies restage.

FBC UK trade marketing director Colin Taylor, said: “The Maryland Cookies restage is a significant investment for FBC UK. To make the launch a success with shoppers and retailers, our brand-new TV advert cements Maryland as a firm ‘family favourite’ highlighting its broad taste appeal. To reach our target audience, we have covered all bases with a multi-million 360-marketing campaign with both online and in-store activations to create maximum awareness and impact for our new visual identity.”