Nestlé plans to make a "huge" investment in Aero this year, kicking off with the re-introduction of Aero Caramel. The company is pouring £5m into a four-month media campaign to celebrate the relaunch of the Caramel variant, which was originally introduced in 2004.

The product will be marketed under the tagline "irresistibubble" and split into five segments. It contains just 189 calories.

The campaign will hit TV screens from January 24 for six weeks. The bar will also be supported by a Facebook page.

In addition, there will be outdoor advertising running from January 31 to February 14, which will include interactive touchscreen quizzes at bus stops.

Nestlé has also launched an Orange variant of its Aero block. The entire block range is available in pricemarked and non-pricemarked packs.

The company says sales of Aero blocks soared during 2010, up 70% year on year. "Aero blocks have been flying off the shelves, especially the £1 pricemarked packs," says trade communications manager Graham Walker.
rrp: Aero Caramel 56p; Aero Orange Block £1
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