Milkybar Milkshake Mix Up is the latest addition to Nestlé’s sharing bag portfolio.

Combining white chocolate giant buttons and new chocolate milkshake flavour giant buttons, packs are designed to appeal to families. Each 110g bag has an rrp of £1.59.

Milkybar Giant Buttons is Nestlé’s best selling sharing bag and one of the top ten bags in the market. The firm claims that the bag is ideally placed to further tap into the growing popularity of the sharing bags category, which has seen sales grow 11% in the last year.

Senior brand manager Alessandra Madio said: “The new Milkybar Milkshake Mix Up sharing bag is set to appeal to both shoppers and retailers alike. Mums that have grown up with the brand will love sharing this new twist on a favourite chocolate from their childhoods with their own families. Whilst retailers will benefit from the fact that this launch from a well-loved and trusted brand capitalises on growing consumer trends in a growing category.”