As demand for sour confectionery continues to grow, Nestlé Confectionery has released Rowntree’s Randoms Sweet N Sour.

Available in an impulse bag (rrp 50p) from 27 January and a sharing bag (rrp £1.29) from 31 March, the mix of sweet foams and sour jellies will be aimed at Randoms’ core target audience of 18-24 year olds. The launch will benefit from a high impact digital media campaign, an important communication route to the brand’s social media savvy target audience.

Sours is a segment of the market that has seen consistent growth over the past five years. A large proportion of this growth has been incremental to fruit sugar confectionery, with around one third of purchases of sour confectionery being in addition to a consumer’s repertoire.

“Rowntree’s Randoms buyers actually over-index on purchasing sours products vs. fruit sugar buyers generally,” says Nestlé UK & Ireland senior corporate communications manager James Maxton. “The 18-24yr old audience is known to be receptive to new and exciting innovation and Randoms is perfectly positioned to deliver this. Rowntree’s Randoms Sweet N Sour is an excellent opportunity for retailers to attract new buyers to Sours confectionery, thus generating incremental sales and profits for themselves.”

Part of the £115m Rowntree’s brand, Randoms is now a £20.8m brand in its own right. It has delivered growth of 6.5% in 2013 on the back of range extensions such as Randoms Rip’Ems, versus the fruit sugar market which grew at 3.8%.