Nestle Cereals has launched its new Breakfast to Go range in the UK.

The new range is designed to offer consumers a breakfast cereal serving in an easy, convenient and portable format, with each pot containing 45g of cereal, 189ml of semi-skimmed UHT milk and a spoon.

The new Breakfast to Go pots come in a choice of two cereals: Original Shreddies or Shredded Wheat Honey & Nut.

According to research by Nestle Cereals UK, more than one in ten (15%) adults in the UK eat breakfast at work or on-the-go, rising to almost a quarter (24%) of those aged 25-34 and one fifth (21%) of those aged 35-44.

Toby Baker, marketing director for Nestlé Cereals in the UK and Australia, said: “Until now, cereal has had a low share of the on-the-go breakfast market. The unique format of our Breakfast to go packs is designed to overcome the barriers that prevent consumers choosing cereal, by making it easier to eat out and about or at work.

”We see Breakfast to Go creating new sales from people who don’t just want a snack at breakfast, they want something tasty and in a convenient format too. By adding fruit and a glass of water you have a balanced and tasty breakfast.”

The range will launch into Co-op and Nisa c-stores this month with an rrp of £1.99.