Naturya NEW IN pack shots_NPD Range

Naturya is introducing 20 new products to its superfoods portfolio, tapping into the demand for superfood products for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The new products include overnight oats in various flavours, Naturya’s gut feel flaxseed blend, hot chocolate and spirulina and chlorella tablets and are all certified vegan and palm oil-free.

The products range in RRP from £5.00 to £9.00 and are available to order now from wholesaler Tree of Life, which serves independent retailers across the UK.

Lewis Black is the marketing director at Naturya. He said: “Our latest research into the behaviours and habits of consumers, post pandemic, highlights the huge size and scale of the superfoods opportunity, which is set to explode over the next year and beyond. Half of all consumers want a greater choice and variety of superfoods available in stores, with over a third (34%) saying they would be encouraged to buy more superfoods if it was easier to find them in store. Consumers also want to see superfoods available in more types of products and in aisles around the store, 35% want to see them in store cupboard essentials, 29% in snacking, 23% in cereal and 17% in baking*.

“In the same way that ‘protein’ has seen exponential growth with consumers recognising it provides an added health benefit to many food and drink categories, ‘superfoods’ is on that same growth trajectory.

“We’re seeing more and more people actively looking for products containing superfoods for breakfast, lunch, snacks, desserts, and drinks because these products consistently deliver natural and organic benefits that are scientifically proven. We also know that people are prepared to pay a price premium for products that contain superfoods and so there is a significant opportunity for retailers to stock up, promote and display superfood products in store and trade shoppers up across multiple categories. Our research shows 77% of consumers would be prepared to pay a price premium for products containing superfoods.”

He concluded: ”We’ve been hard at work developing an extensive new portfolio of added value convenient superfoods which meet the demands of today’s health-conscious and time-poor consumers and offer a deliciously nutritious superfood solution for every occasion.

“Our backed-by-science superfoods range has been developed with specific consumer needs including immunity support and gut health at its core and we’re incredibly excited to launch our products onto the market.”