Montezuma’s entire chocolate range is now available in eco-friendly packaging – claimed to be a first for a British chocolate brand.

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Every line is now in either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging. As well as using recyclable inks, adhesives, stickers and tape, the company’s chocolate bars come in 100% paper and card packaging, eliminating the non-recyclable metallised plastics used to wrap most products. The Montezuma’s products are also made with ethically-sourced cocoa.

Montezuma’s marketing director Bruce Alexander said: “We believe we are the first chocolate company to offer 100% sustainable packaging on our entire range and I’m extremely proud of that. We’ve carried out a whole redesign, which was underpinned by the packaging material itself. Our customers’ favourite bars can now go straight in the recycling bin to be collected by the council.

“We’ve also done as much as we can to make sure that we reuse or repurpose, so that we’re not throwing anything away. We’re still using some plastics and while we’d love to get rid of them altogether, our biggest challenge is the fact that food needs to be packaged safely. We’ve taken as many steps as we can, but we’ve made sure that any plastic we do use is totally recyclable.”