Mondelēz International is getting ready for this year’s Halloween season with limited edition launches across its candy and chocolate portfolios.

The first new launch: Maynards Bassetts Soft Jellies Scary Safari, is a ‘bag of bags’ product that consits of 17 x 16.7g mini bags and is designed for trick or treating (rrp £2 / case size of 10).

Available from 5 August, each bag contains a variety of soft jelly sweets shaped like animals and comes in a number of fruity flavours. Each mini bag is portion-controlled at 54 calories.

Mondelēz is also launching a Maynards Bassetts Dead Chewy bag (rrp £1 / 162g), which contains individually wrapped chews flavoured with a variety of fruity flavours. The product will be available to order from 26 August in cases of 12.

Finally, Mondelēz International is bringing together two of its most popular confectionery brands: Cadbury and Oreo, for a 256g Halloween treat.

The Dairy Milk Oreoooo bags are filled with Oreo mini eggs (rrp £4.19) and will be available from 5 August. Sold to retailers in cases of 12, the individually-wrapped and filled chocolates are designed for sharing and trick or treating.

The three Halloween launches will sit alongside Mondelēz’s Cadbury Goo Heads. The individually wrapped treats were first introduced last year and are filled with fondant.

Available in skeleton, pumpkin, Frankenstein, Dracula or were-wolf variants, the chocolates come in 40g singles (rrp 55p / case size of 48) or packs of five (rrp £2.85 / case size of 28).

This year, Cadbury Goo Heads will also be available in a 89g mini format designed for sharing during a Halloween party or gathering (rrp £1.49 / case size of 22).

Top tricks for the Halloween season


Cadbury Goo Heads

  • Drive sales by focusing on products that help shoppers cater for the trick-or-treat or party/gathering opportunity
  • Enjoy a longer season by stocking a targeted range of best-sellers and new products from the start of October
  • Decorate your store and get staff to dress up to get customers excited about the season

Source: Mondelēz International, 2019