Barr Soft Drinks is launching Rockstar First Start, a new energy drinks range combining natural caffeine and real fruit juice.

The new line-up is available in two flavours; Mixed Berries and Orange Clementine, and is aimed at morning consumption occasions.

The drinks contain no added sugar, 5% fruit juice and less than 30 calories per 500ml can. (rrp £1.19 or 99p PMP)

Adrian Troy, marketing director at Barr Soft Drinks, said: “Rockstar has a track record of bringing successful innovation to the UK energy drinks market and shoppers have always responded well to the brand’s new flavours and concepts.

“We’ve identified a significant growth opportunity for energy drinks as part of the morning routine. There is also an opportunity to broaden the usage in the market beyond the young adult male base, to bring in both older consumers and female shoppers.”

Barr is advising retailers to merchandise the new Rockstar First Start range within the on the go section of their chiller, to meet the needs of busy shoppers.