Further work will be carried out on plans to introduce a minimum pricing bylaw in Greater Manchester.

The region's 10 local authorities have agreed to delay plans for a minimum 50p per unit bylaw until the national position becomes clearer. But they have backed the Greater Manchester Health Commission to carry out further research on the issue.

The councils are waiting on the results of several pieces of legislation, including the Localism Bill, the Licensing Act Review, and the Treasury Review of alcohol and Pricing, all of which will influence the potential implementation of minimum unit pricing.

Councillor Cliff Morris, chair of the greater Manchester Health Commission, said: "The interim report recognises that there are a number of complex issues which require more investigation. These include the legal, economic, health and social implications of such an approach before any steps to create a bylaw are considered. 

 "In addition, there are several pieces of national legislation which could affect minimum unit pricing that are currently under review by the government.”

The commission has based its research on a study carried out by Sheffield University, which identified that 50p per unit of alcohol would target irresponsible drinking.