Mini Babybel is reintroducing its eerie Halloween themed packaging.

Available throughout October, the nets are full of Halloween characters including a pumpkin, a devil and a Frankenstein.

The brand says these themed mini cheeses add interest and variety to the lunchbox, and are perfect for handing out to trick-or-treaters or serving at Halloween parties. The nets come in three different formats; nets of six (Original, Light, Cheddar and Gouda), a variety pack of nine (three Original, three Cheddar, three Gouda) and a net of 12 (Original and Light).

Babybel’s head of insight and planning, Chloé Féminier, said: “Halloween is the third biggest event of the year for retailers[1] and presents the opportunity for retailers to capitalise on category growth. Consumers look for inspiration to help them cater for their spooky celebration and mums love to find new, interesting treats beyond sweets and sugary snacks. Known for its cheeky, fun-loving nature, our consumers know they can rely on Mini Babybel to help bring Halloween to life in a way kids will love”.

Mini Babybel net of 6 - £1.85

Mini Babybel net of 12 - £3.15

Mini Babybel net of 9 variety pack - £2.45