The product, which takes three minutes to microwave, was originally launched in 1986. The firm has decided to move the product’s focus away from the microwave and towards its offering as a quick-cooking, quality product.

Marketing director, Mark Hodge, says: “When McCain Micro Chips launched, the product was revolutionary for consumers because, for the first time, they could get great quality chips from their microwave.

“Now that microwaveable food is widely available, we want to focus on the real value of this product in the market today. In an increasingly hectic society, consumers want food solutions with short cooking times, and the product’s new name McCain Quick Chips really highlights that benefit.”

McCain Quick Chips will be packaged in cartons that have a modern, premium design, in line with the brand’s overarching look and feel. The design will give the product renewed relevance for consumers who are looking for both convenience and quality.

Hodge says: “The redesign is breathing new life into this iconic product, giving it new meaning to consumers. It will support uptake of new buyers who may not have grown up with McCain Micro Chips and it will also encourage reappraisal from shoppers who have moved away from the product. We see this as a huge positive for the category.”