Madagascan chocolate brand Madécasse has unveiled a new toasted coconut flavour.

The Fair for Life certified chocolate bar is made in Madagascar in small batches featuring the island’s famous heirloom cocoa and lightly toasted coconut. While most coconut chocolate bars use milk or a low percentage of dark chocolate, the Madécasse Toasted Coconut (rrp: £3.29) uses 70% Madagascan dark chocolate. 

Distributed by Bespoke Foods, the new variant contains no artificial additives or preservatives and is available in a 75g format.

Co-founder Brett Beach says: “With a surge in interest in Madécasse in the last few months and some incredibly interesting developments for coconut as a food and beverage flavour, we felt it was sensible to get the new Toasted Coconut product into the market as soon as possible.  With coconut a real trend ingredient in the UK, we feel the product will see strong interest and strengthen our unique offering.”

Madécasse follows a ‘bean-to -bar’ philosophy ensuring the whole chocolate production process takes place in Madagascar, which it claims helps to provide four times the prosperity of Fair Trade cocoa.  

Tel: 020 7091 3200