Lucozade Sport has launched an on-pack promotion offering the chance to obtain sports kit and equipment.

As part of the £10m ‘Fuel to Rule’ overall campaign for the brand, ‘The Kit Out Project’ runs from the end of July until March 2015 with consumers collecting codes from the full Lucozade Sport and Lucozade Sport Lite ranges and registering online in order to redeem kit.

Lucozade Sport marketing manager Vicky Morgan said the promotion was a “great opportunity for retailers to help their local sports teams get equipment”.

“We want to ensure that Lucozade Sport remains centre stage following an intense summer of sport and are confident that ‘The Kit Out Project’ will be a hit with retailers and shoppers alike,” she said. “Whilst retailers should see an increase in footfall in-store, the OPO will highlight the functionality behind Lucozade Sport to shoppers.”