Lucozade Energy has announced its transformation into Larazade to mark a new partnership with the upcoming game release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which features the character Lara Croft.

The classic Lucozade Energy Orange and Original flavours will be renamed Larazade for a limited time only, with more than 80 million promotional bottles available from this month.

To further drive sales of the new Larazade bottles (rrp £1 PMP), the energy brand is also launching a limited edition flavour, Larazade Croft Apple. The new special edition will be available exclusively from independent retailers and Tesco.

The three Larazade flavours will also feature an on-pack competition, giving adults the chance to win daily prizes from The Prize Tomb. Prizes include Xbox One X consoles, Tomb Raider games, more than £40,000 in cash prizes and in-game currency with every bottle.

The activity will be supported by a shopper marketing campaign in September, as well as sampling at gaming events.

Steven Hind, head of marketing from Lucozade Energy at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, said: “We wouldn’t change our name for just anyone – but following the huge success with the Tomb Raider film partnership earlier this year and the anticipation for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, we knew it was time for Lucozade to become Larazade!

“Putting Lara Croft and a competition on our bottles presents a great sales opportunity for retailers by ensuring the brand is front of mind in the run-up to the game launch, while also giving all drinkers the opportunity to win some amazing prizes. Building Lucozade Energy’s association with the Tomb Raider franchise provides retailers with the chance to capture a unique new audience and boost their soft drinks sales.”