Wrigley has released new point of sale material to support Lockets.

“With the cold and flu season nearly upon us, now is the ideal time for retailers to stock up on winter remedies and be ready to capitalise on impulse purchases when the weather takes a turn for the worse,” said brand manager Amy Baillie.

Available in three flavours, honey & lemon, extra strong and cranberry & blueberry, sales of Lockets increase by 120% over the winter months, according to Wrigley.

“With clearing menthol and soothing honey, Lockets is a trusted brand that is convenient for shoppers to pick up on the go,” said Baillie. “On average, adults have two to four colds each year, and retailers need to be ready for when winter comes to maximise on impulse sales.”

The total medicated confectionery category is worth £97m, with sales of Lockets and Tunes representing over 10% of the category at £10m in sales, she added.