Ginsters is launching two new limited editions – Smokey BBQ Ham Hock with Cheddar & Slaw and Chicken & Pesto.

The new flavours (rrp £2.99) will be available for 12 weeks from March 16.

The Smokey BBQ Ham Hock, Cheddar & Slaw sandwich is filled with British ham hock and cheddar cheese, complimented by a rich, smokey BBQ sauce and finished with cool mayonnaise and coleslaw on white bread. The Chicken & Pesto sandwich taps into another popular flavour combination by combining British roast chicken breast with green pesto and adding slow roasted tomatoes, mayonnaise, rocket and Apollo lettuce leaves, between two slices of malted grain bread.

Ginsters sales & marketing director Linda Evans said: “Food to go is currently worth £4.8 billion, but with the category predicted to continue growing to £7.8 billion by 2020, competition from outlets serving lunchtime solutions is likely to increase massively. By tapping into increasing consumer demand for variety, quality and British ingredients, our limited edition sandwiches provide retailers with the chance to make the most of this increasingly valuable sales opportunity.

“To encourage additional purchases, and to help become a destination of choice for regular lunch time shoppers, we’d also recommended that retailers stock our limited edition sandwiches alongside other well-known food to go items as part of a Meal Deal offering”.

Ginsters limited edition sandwiches will benefit from POS support. For more information on the Ginsters limited edition sandwiches, retailers can get in touch with the Ginsters team on 01579 386 200.