Lenor Outdoorable

Lenor has launched three new Outdoorable fabric conditioners.

Using its innovative SolarDry technology mimics the effect of sunlight on wet fabrics, giving you freshness as if dried outside even indoors whilst also combating damp and musty odours.

The three new Outdoorable scents are: Moonlight Lily; Northern Solstice and Tropical Sunset (rrp: £2.50).

Roberta Rampazzo, Lenor senior brand manager, said: “At Lenor we always endeavour to raise the bar on the freshness experience consumers can get. When it comes to laundry, line-dried freshness is the standard of excellence. Outdoorable has been designed to step-change the freshness of your laundry, with unique SolarDry technology that mimics the effect of sunshine on wet fabrics when they dry outdoors. That’s why Lenor Outdoorable is already loved by 2.8 million households in the UK (Kantar, Household Penetration, 04.09.22). The launch of the new scents, including new Fairy Outdoorable, aims to double the reach of the Outdoorable segment by 2024.”