Lactalis UK & Ireland has recently launched a new advertising campaign championing its Dutch cheese brand, Leerdammer.

The new out-of-home creatives, which include ’Mild & nutty, slap me on your butty’, for Leerdammer Original and ’Mild & Light, come on take a cheeky bite’ for Leerdammer Light, aspires to capture attention and motivate shoppers to purchase.

Covering over 5,000 outdoor placements in the UK, the campaign hopes to reach an estimated 22 million people and to create more than 170 million impressions. 

The campaign will run for another fortnight and features over five different creatives (3 x Original and 2 x Light) across a number of media formats, including digital and paper six-sheets, 48-sheets, TCPs and 16-sheets.

Heloise Le-Norcy Trott marketing director at Lactalis UK & Ireland said: ‘’Leerdammer is famous for its nutty and mild taste and our new “Deliciously Different” campaign is all about communicating its unique taste cues and using Leerdammer’s comedic and light-hearted tone of voice to connect with consumers in a truly impactful way.

“As the number one natural cheese slices brand, we know our core consumers love Leerdammer, but there’s a new generation of shoppers asking who Leerdammer is, and what we stand for. So, we’re reaching out to everyone with this new campaign, which we’re confident will make them all smile, and motivate them to purchase and enjoy.”