Walkers is launching larger case sizes across several of its price-marked pack (PMP) SKUs.

The move will see cases grow to 18 packs across the following ranges: Walkers, Doritos, Quavers and Wotsits.

Head of wholesale at PepsiCo Mike Chapman said: “PMPs continue to be of great importance to convenience retailers. For a long time, this format has been the catalyst for growth in the Savoury Snacking Category. By making our case sizes larger, retailers can not only avoid losing sales but also continue to meet shopper demand for PMPs. The new cases will roll out across best sellers from our core HERO 25 range, providing an excellent choice for stores looking for strong returns from well-loved brands that deliver on taste and enjoyment.”

Prior to launching, Walkers worked collaboratively with retailers to better understand how the new case sizes could impact the channel and how to achieve a smooth transition.

Chapman added: “Our latest initiative is just another example of how we continue to work with retailers to ensure the changes we are making have a positive impact on them and their community. We will continue to work closely with retailers ahead of the rollout and stay close to them throughout the transition.”

The move will also help Walkers towards its broader sustainability goals, as the business continues to look to reduce the amount of packaging used. The changes are set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with making these cases by 4%, through the addition of 20% extra selling packs in each case.