KP Snacks has gone global with its new range of Phileas Fogg sharesize bags. Comprising six international variants including Mexican style taco rolls and American style bubble chips, the range is designed to offer something different from traditional snacks and flavours.

Variants available:

Mexican Style Taco Rolls - Cool Sour Cream and Onion (190g)

American Style Bubble Chips – Louisiana Sweet and Smokey BBQ (150g)

Indonesian Style Crackers – Aromatic Spice and Sweet Chili (100g)

American Style Bubble Chips – Cheese and New York Deli Relish (150g)

Mexican Style Taco Rolls Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño (190g)

Italian Style Corn Chips – Pesto and Red Pepper (150g)

As part of a £3.2m campaign, TV adverts which will appear on ITV, E4, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and will feature characters such as a Mexican wrestling cat and a dancing Alligator from Louisiana to represent the new flavours. The ads will also feature the brand’s tagline - ‘They’re NOT crisps… they’re Phileas Fogg’.

There is a £1 PMP available through the wholesale and cash and carry channels for the cheese and New York deli relish and aromatic spice and sweet chilli variants.

RRP: £1.99
Tel: 0208 234 5000