KP Mini Chips PMP

KP Snacks has expanded its PMP range with the launch of KP Mini Chips Salt & Vinegar and KP Mini Chips Beef (£1.25 PMP - 60g).

Available from mid-February, the launch combines the PMP format and classic KP Mini Chips brand.

The new product launch has been announced alongside a range and pricing restructure for the KP Snacks PMP portfolio. The smaller format PMP portfolio features Space Raiders, the UK’s number one best value brand, in 40p PMPs, alongside Discos, Skips and Wheat Crunchies, available from 50p, and Hula Hoops core range and Pom Bear in 65p PMPs. Meanwhile, Hula Hoops Big Hoops BBQ Beef is available at £1.25 for a 70g pack.

Matt Collins, trading director at KP Snacks, said: “With inflation biting, the role of PMPs in Wholesale & Independent Convenience Retail will continue to grow in popularity and importance, demonstrating value to customers in these challenging times.

“At KP Snacks, we are committed to continuing to expand our extensive PMP portfolio with the right brands, flavours and great value price points to bolster sales for our trade partners. With the evolution to our PMP portfolio, we can continue to offer compelling and appropriate shared margins on our price-marked packs, whilst supporting new key PMP price points across our range including £1.25.”