Kit Kat has teamed up with Youtube to offer consumers access to some of its best music, gaming, comedy and sports content. Promotional packs will feature the Youtube logo and a QR code on front of the pack, which will lead to one of 74 different Youtube clips.

Each of the 74 YouTube videos will feature a five second Kit Kat ad and, therefore, as consumers share their favourite videos with their friends, the Kit Kat message will also spread. The campaign will be supported by a huge media plan of £4.3m across TV, online, and social media; driving awareness of the event to more than 15 million consumers across May and June.

“People are increasingly using digital devices when they take a break,” said a Nestlé UK & Ireland spokesperson. “Whether on Youtube, social media or quick news feeds, the digital break is very popular, especially for a younger audience.” The firm claimed that 40.7 million people in the UK watched videos on Youtube for an average of 20 minutes a day, with 36% of people watching it to ‘escape or relax’. However, with one hour of content uploaded every second, Nestlé noted that it could be difficult and time consuming to find the best content. “Kit Kat has done the hard work for consumers and whittled it down to 74 of the most entertaining videos for them to enjoy, easily accessible through a click of a button,” said the spokesperson. “ The content will also periodically be refreshed so there will always be something new to discover.”

This new event is the latest activity in Kit Kat’s successful Celebrate the Breakers Breaks marketing campaign. The campaign recognises that no two individuals are the same, so why should their breaks be? Launched in February 2015, research from Millward Brown has shown the campaign has:

• A highly enjoyable TV creative with strong branding, at 88% vs a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) norm of 73%

• Purchase Intent at 55% which is 28% above the FMCG norm

• Spontaneous awareness has increased from 13% seen in Sept 2014 to 19% in Q3 2015

What’s more, for the first time ever Nestlé Confectionery will be implementing the event globally, with more than 20 markets worldwide taking part across the year.