Ferrero is launching limited edition pink and blue Kinder Surprise eggs from September till December.

The decision follows consumer research, which revealed that two thirds of parents were in favour of having separate ranges. The pink eggs will feature Fashion Dolls toys and the blue eggs will have Sprinty toys inside.

The launch will be backed by a £5.3m support package with a new Kinder Surprise TV creative on air from mid-September. A bespoke tag showing the new pink and blue eggs will be shown from the end of September for seven weeks. The products will be available in a mixed case of 48 eggs. Single eggs are priced at 79p, while three packs have an rrp of £2.05.

The pink and blue eggs will be available for two more limited periods during Easter and Summer 2014 with pink eggs containing Barbie and Disney Princesses toys, and blue eggs featuring Marvel and Hot Wheels toys. Between bursts, standard Kinder Surprise eggs will continue to be available.

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