Kikkoman LE 2024

Kikkoman is to roll out a new limited edition of its 150ml dispenser bottle.

Around 400,000 of the new bottle design will be made available from February 2024.

Following the success of its last four creatives, the latest one carries symbols of sustainability and harmony from Japanese mythology. The plum blossom represents good fortune. These trees are highly cherished, mirroring Kikkoman’s commitment in safeguarding prosperity for future generations by taking care of natural resources. The little bird called ‘mejiro’ is featured prominently and is important in pollenating plum trees in Japan.

Bing-yu Lee, General Manager, Kikkoman UK said, “We’re delighted to be rolling out a new Kikkoman Soy Sauce bottle design. Scenes around harmony with our environment is symbolic of how Kikkoman works hand-in hand with other countries to produce our sustainably made and naturally brewed soy sauce. If the feedback from our past limited editions is anything to go by this new one will fly off the shelves.

“For the very first time, this special Limited Edition soy sauce is made with ingredients (soybeans, wheat, salt and water) sourced entirely from the EU. Like the original, it is naturally brewed for several months for a deep, rich umami flavour.”