Kellogg’s is bringing its new Joyböl brand to the UK this month, targeting young urban millennials with the UK’s first packaged smoothie bowl.

Joyböl is an all-in-one fruit smoothie bowl made with grains, nuts, seeds and fruit packaged in an on-the-go pot. Shoppers simply pour cold water or milk into the pot, stir and enjoy.

The pots are available in three flavour combinations; Super Berries & Acai, Strawberry Almond Quinoa and Mango & Coconut. (rrp £2.49 per 60g pot)

A spokesperson for Joyböl said: ”Search #SmoothieBowl on Instagram and you’ll see at least 1.5million posts appear from people sharing their food experiences. Joyböl is launching into an environment where our target audience of urban millennials is set to be worth 75% of all packaged food growth by 2025.

“This, combined with the ‘deskfasting’ habit already representing 12% of breakfast occasions, sets joyböl up to take advantage of both the trend and the long-term behaviour of busy, on-the-go consumers.”