Kellogg’s has doubled the amount of Vitamin D in many of its cereals to help improve the diet of many consumers across the UK.

The company’s cereals will now contain 50% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D needs per bowl, the highest level across the cereal category.

The move is the next step in Kellogg’s Better Starts Plan – an initiative unveiled late last year to overhaul its range of cereals to help British families make healthier choices.

Laura Street, UK and Ireland nutrition manager for Kellogg’s, said: “We are announcing another important change to our cereals to support people’s health. It’s difficult to get Vitamin D in your diet and our research shows that people aren’t naturally choosing foods which contain this crucial vitamin.

“That’s why fortification of this vitamin is so important, especially in a food eaten by so many households across the UK. In 2011, Kellogg’s was the first cereal company to fortify its family range with 25 per cent of people’s daily Vitamin D needs. But, the problem of deficiency continues so we need to do more.”