Kellogg’s will launch a new Special K Protein cereal bar in early 2018.

With stand-out packaging and the protein content sourced from natural, plant based ingredients such as nuts, seeds, grains and soy, the product will appeal to a nation of nutrition-conscious shoppers.

The new bars also incorporate almond butter – widely celebrated by health and fitness trend-setters as a high fibre, natural source of protein, with 50% less saturated fat than peanut butter.

Special K snacks brand manager for the UK and Ireland, Sarah McFall, said: “Nut butters and products bearing the ‘protein’ label have appeared everywhere over the past few years and it’s evident these are more than just trends.

“We’re proud to have produced a snack bar with highly sought-after ingredients which will appeal to a variety of diets and tastes – at an affordable price – to enhance our Better for You snacks offering.

“As a great snack pre or post-gym or to keep shoppers fuelled throughout the day, the bars fit perfectly into impulse purchasing positioning.”

Special K Protein’s launch will be supported by awareness campaigns across TV and digital media channels. The bars will be shipping from 18th December in multipacks (rrp £2.99) and single serves (rrp 89p).