Kallo, the natural food brand owned by Wessanen UK, is set to launch new Ancient Grains and Apple & Cinnamon rice cakes.

Designed to appeal to health-conscious consumers, Kallo’s Ancient Grains (150g packs, rrp £1.99)is a corn cake thin made with organic whole grains amaranth and linseed. Rich in protein and high in vitamins and minerals, the vegan and vegetarian friendly thins are also low in fat, gluten free and each one contain just 23 calories.

Offering a healthier way to start the day, the new Apple & Cinnamon rice cakes will be available in a jumbo pack format (rrp £1.49 per 127g) and contain as little as 32 calories each. They are made with rice, corn, cinnamon and apple juice concentrate, and are gluten-free, vegan- and vegetarian-friendly and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Breakfast represents a key eating occasion for the brand, with this and mid-morning snacking attributed to 38% of total brand consumption.

Kallo’s other sweet-flavoured SKU, Blueberry and Vanilla, has helped to drive breakfast purchases, and the brand is confident the new Apple & Cinnamon flavour will have the same effect.

Hayley Murgett, Kallø brand controller at Wessanen UK, said: “The new Kallo Ancient Grains corn cakes gives health-conscious consumers the opportunity to eat nutrient-rich seeds in an enjoyable and versatile corn cake thin, which can be topped with a variety of delicious foods. Our recommended topping is pecorino, blackberry and chive.

“While super foods aren’t new, the emergence of different products that bring more superfoods into the diet in a tasty and interesting way are constantly refreshing the category and boosting consumer interest.

“The new Apple & Cinnamon rice cake is our second breakfast focused SKU which will sit alongside Blueberry & Vanilla to maximise on the sizeable opportunity this eating occasion represents.

“Breakfast is recognised as the most important meal of the day and yet many of us don’t have time at home to cook or prepare a healthy meal. The jumbo pack offers a great option for consumers to keep at home, or even in an office desk drawer, as a convenient and tasty low-calorie breakfast or snack.”