Heineken has launched the Maltsmiths range of beers, designed to entice inquisitive beer drinkers into trying new styles.

Two products are available, a Bavarian-style Pilsner and and an American-style IPA, both brewed to 4.6% ABV. The new lines are available in 330ml cans and bottles of the same size, as well as on draft in the pub trade. The beers made their first appearance at the Craft Beer Rising event in London this week, and will be available to the off trade from 27 March. The company says the products will be priced “competitively” with craft beers, with an rsp of £1.85.

Brewer Alex Brandon-Davies says: “We wanted to brew beers that would appeal to the beer-curious but for whatever reason, have yet to experiment.

“Using citrus-flavoured hops - namely Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops – we’re hoping that drinkers will love the fuller flavours and it will be their first step into experimenting with beers from the hundreds of other breweries in the UK.”

Heineken craft beer brand unit director Sam Fielding added: “We can have a positive impact on this sector of the market. We have the capabilities to educate and support retailers with their offering. This is about getting curious beer drinkers into the catergory and expanding their repotoire with more flavoursome beers – which will be a springboard for them to discover beers from the 1,500 breweries in the UK. This is about supporting our customers and growing the category for the entire industry.”