Confectioner Guylian Belgian Chocolates has pledged to remove palm oil from all products by Christmas 2018.

Chris Buckley, managing director for Guylian UK Ltd, said: “From August 2018, Guylian will remove palm oil from all remaining recipes. All truffle based products including Temptations, La Trufflina, Opus, mixed assortment and bars on shelf for the Christmas season will therefore be completely free of palm oil. The palm oil in these products will be replaced with shea butter and sunflower oil, resulting in a smoother texture and even better tasting chocolates which contain less saturated fat and sugar.“

All the palm oil currently used by Guylian comes from RSPO (the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified growers operating within strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.

Guylian’s two best-selling products, Seashells and Seahorses, have never contained any palm oil, and do not contain any vegetable fats other than cocoa butter. These products are made with premium Belgian chocolate using 100% cocoa butter and filled with Guylian’s signature Hazelnut Praliné.