Denise Crossman, Sidcup, Kent: "My usual choice is a flavoured water, although occasionally I'll pick up something like Lucozade. I'm not a big fan of fizzy drinks and only drink them every so often. My local store could do with offering more variety and make more of an effort to chill drinks."
David Ansell, Camberley, Surrey: "If I'm out and about and need a boost I'll usually get something like Lucozade Sport mixed berry. I also have squash in the house, which I drink after a run. I don't drink alcohol so generally when I'm socialising I'll have Diet Coke. If I'm travelling in the car I might buy something with a sports cap."
Karen Davidson, Northamptonshire: "If I'm running or at the gym I stick to bottled water. I like smoothies and buy one about once a week. My children are big fans of water and fresh orange juice. I tend to stick with drinks that are natural and can usually find what I want at my local store."
Louise Porter and Sarah Lazenby, Oxfordshire. Louise says: "When I'm running I'll drink Lucozade Sport orange or lemon and have sometimes bought Lucozade hydro active. When I'm not exercising I buy Diet Coke but they should leave it alone and not keep adding new flavours. Although I do buy smoothies from time to time, I'm sometimes a bit disappointed by them."
Michelle and Keith Barrow: "For the marathon we've been drinking a special powder drink but if we are out and can't get hold of it then we'll get an isotonic drink such as Powerade or Lucozade Sport. When we're not running we stick to natural juice drinks or squashes. Our children are also happy drinking them."
Raman Kumar, Southwark, London: "I'm usually happy buying something like Diet Coke or Sprite, which all my local shops stock. If I buy an energy drink it's usually Purdeys or sometimes Lucozade Sport. I'm not too fussed about smoothies or fruit juice and will usually reach for something fizzy."
Rupert Shute, Reading: "My main drinks are fruit juices or water. I tend to avoid artificial sweeteners as I've read a few bad things about them. I prefer to have the sugar. The main drink I buy at my local shop is bottled water."
Michael Mdebele: "I often buy Fanta orange or Powerade if I've been exercising. I use my local shop about three times a week and am happy with what it sells. I'm not that bothered about buying diet drinks."
Anna Batchelor, Reading: "I try to drink a lot of water as I don't like drinks with a load of artificial additives. Very rarely I'll buy a can of Diet Coke but not if there is something more natural available."
Hilana Marais, Brighton, East Sussex: "I don't really buy fizzy drinks because of the sugar and preservatives. Occasionally, I'll have a Coke after a race. I drink fruit juice and I'd like to see more than just orange and apple in my local store."