Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton and TV doctor Christian Jessen star in The Simply Great Drinks Company’s new marketing campaign.

The £500,000 ’Be Simply Great’ campaign includes editorial features and news fronted by Pendleton across lifestyle press and TV, plus a new website. The initiative has been devised to challenge faddy diets and stringent exercise regimes in favour of a more balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle and within it drinking fruit juice.

Chief executive officer Adam Pritchard said: “The Be Simply Great campaign has been an extremely exciting development for the brand and will really help to cement us as a key player in the lifestyle arena. The idea behind our investment is dual focussed. It will resonate with consumers and breathe life into the category, which will in turn drive footfall to the juice aisle.

“Negative stories about sugar in fruit juice have hit the industry and sales have declined. Shoppers have become anxious about drinking juice. Although we may be one of the smaller players we are thinking big and tackling the issue head on.

“We took a decision eighteen months ago, at our significant expense, to ensure our brand would only contain natural sweetness from fruit. Investing in our consumers’ health is vitally important not only from a personal and ethical perspective but also from a business perspective. Our approach is about creating a sustainable brand that shoppers will enjoy and have as part of their weekly basket.”

Alongside Pendleton and Jessen, the activity will feature a panel of experts including media psychologist Jo Hemmings, nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed and fitness trainer Charlene Hutesbaut. All renowned in their field of expertise, this panel will be brought to life on the brand’s website.